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3 hour Hawk Walk plus

This is a chance to get behind the scenes. Especially suitable for someone who has already been on the 60 minute walk.  We meet at my home in North Molton, and for the next 30 minutes, you help me prepare for the walk. This includes taking the birds out of their aviaries, ( thus getting a chance to see where they live) and weighing them, checking them and their equipment. 


 Then we prepare the food that we'll be taking with us to feed them ( not for the faint hearted, but not compulsory).


Then it's off on a walk with them for an hour and a half.  Back home, and reverse the procedure. A really good way to see the practical side of falconry and what is involved in keeping a bird of prey.


    Terms and Conditions, General Information and Frequently Asked Questions are as shown in the Withypool £60 walk section.


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