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5 day hawk ownership course

5 day hawk ownership course

This is aimed at someone thinking of owning a bird of prey. It is an intensive, one on one course that takes place at my home in North Molton and out on Exmoor. It covers the basics all the way from picking up your bird from the breeder, to flying her free. 

You will be the only pupil and so it will all be about you. Check how many other courses offer this. Not many, if any, is the answer.

I've been doing falconry for twenty years and I'm still learning. Five days isn't going to turn you into a professional, been there, done it falconer.

But it can provide the basics, find your weaknesses, and identify things you need to research and practice before the moment you find yourself with YOUR bird sitting on YOUR fist looking at you.  Anyone who buys a bird first, then tries to learn what to do is an idiot.

Remember, just because someone can do something, doesn't mean they can teach it. I am fortunate in having training and experience in teaching, as well as falconry. I also have experienced, forgiving birds who, unlike your first bird, will not make you pay dearly in blood, sweat and tears,  for any mistakes.



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